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EY acquires SecureWorx to provide Protected Secure Operations Centre (SOC)

Ernst & Young, Australia formally completed the acquisition of SecureWorx to now offer sovereign computing capabilities with an accredited Secure Operations Centre (SOC).

EY Protected SOC further extends the company’s alliance with Microsoft to offer EY customers and Microsoft customers the ability to use their existing Microsoft licenses to obtain Protected SOC services and security-vetted personnel.

The EY Protected SOC has been independently assessed and accredited by the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP).

Richard Bergman, EY Oceania Cybersecurity Lead Partner said:

“We are very excited to welcome the SecureWorx team to EY. The combination of Microsoft, EY and SecureWorx will constitute a compelling proposition that will help protect the future of critical infrastructure.

“EY Protected SOC is a unique way for enterprises to enhance customer data protection and save money through automated processes as organisations seek accredited terrestrial cyber capabilities.

“Large companies that are already Microsoft customers can now simplify and streamline their cyber spending for significant performance gains,” said Bergman.

Phil Barlow, Director of Partner Technology, Microsoft Australia said: “EY is a leader in providing cyber capability. Security concerns are paramount for organizations across all industries, and the establishment of an EY Protected SOC in Australia will be welcomed by existing Microsoft customers.

“We are working with EY on their Protected SOC ‘Powered by Microsoft’ offering, which will add value to Microsoft customers via an Azure-protected technology stack on critical infrastructure in an accredited end-to-end cybersecurity solution”, said Barlow.

Former SecureWorx CEO Philip Mulley said: “I am excited to formally join EY Australia as Sovereign Cyber ​​Security Leader, helping to transform our 24/7 security operations managed services capability.

“We look forward to adding a new dimension of customer service by leveraging EY’s global resources,” said Mulley.

EY Protected SOC provides multi-cloud services, managed security operations and security consulting services designed to meet customer privacy needs.

This includes 24/7 onshore security services in Australia with government approved personnel and certified facilities.

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Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry.

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