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Constructive Software launches Internal 3D Selections for home builders

Constructive Software is thrilled to announce the launch of their interactive, 3D visualisation software, Internal 3D Selections

Internal 3D Selections allows home builders’ clients to make colour and material choices on their unique home internals in stunning, interactive 3D. Clients can now visualise and understand their custom home plans from any angle – instantly – with no rendering wait time. 

Inspiring confidence in decisions, speeding up the selections process, saving time in the colour appointment and reducing variation requests are just some of the benefits for home builders in utilising this 3D technology. 

“Traditionally, 3D visualisation is expensive and time consuming, especially for custom home designs, so in the past it has either been too costly for builders, or just been visualised on a generic render, (which isn’t that helpful for clients who want to see choices on their individual home). We’re proud to have created software that’s just a fraction of the cost of a custom render and can be created from existing working drawings — saving builders both time and money,” says Constructive Software CEO, James Salt. 

“Replacing physical brochures with a custom-branded Constructive 3D Selections Portal reduces printing costs, is more environmental and allows clients to make selections in the comfort of their own home. It’s what people building their homes are demanding and is now a must-have for a great customer experience.” 

“Clients really struggle to visualise what their home will look like — this is no secret! We wanted to provide home builders with a way to inspire confidence in their customers to make decisions to speed up the selections process, while giving people building their homes peace of mind that their selections are spot on at the same time,” says Constructive Client Success Manager, Emma Lord. 

“It’s exciting to be pioneers in this area – our team has developed a world first in taking working drawings and automatically mapping them to an interactive colour selections tool,” says Constructive Lead Developer, Dmitrii Sviridov. 

“In development, we asked ourselves: how can we visualise choices on individual homes as accurately as possible? And how might we give clients assurance in their choices? With Internal 3D Selections, clients get a window into the future to see how their actual kitchen or bathroom will look. Does this tile look good as a splashback with that benchtop? Are these cabinet colours going to fit in well with the floor? Now clients can see it, interact with it, and confidently decide for themselves.” 

Accessible online anywhere, and on any device, Internal 3D Selections is intuitive and simple to use and integrates seamlessly with Constructive’s existing Online Selections and External 3D Selections.

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