Asset Vision Partners With Victorian Government

Asset Vision

Delivering a safer and more efficient road network

Asset Vision, a leading Australian provider of intelligent asset management solutions for government and the private sector, has expanded its partnership with the Victorian Government through the deployment of the latest in road maintenance technology to deliver safer and more reliable journeys on the state’s roads. 

Asset Vision’s recently acquired artificial intelligence (AI) driven software, EaglEye has been rolled out across Victoria’s north-east region and will be mapping and assessing the condition of more than 4,000 kilometres of arterial roads and roadside assets.

Vehicle-mounted cameras are used to capture high resolution footage of the driven road network and, using artificial intelligence, have automatically detected, categorised, and assessed the condition of more than 160,000 individual road assets. These assets include signs, line marking, trees, and safety barriers, as well as the road surface itself.

This innovative approach to data capture and analysis means inspectors no longer need to leave their vehicles, and instead can travel at the speed of the traffic. Work can be completed within a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods of assessment and teams in charge of managing these assets quickly understand the network’s current conditions, empowering councils and governments to more easily allocate funding and resources where they are needed most.

Asset Vision Co-Founder and CEO, Damian Smith, said the Victorian Government’s use of the leading technology would help deliver a safer and more efficient road network for the state. 

“A well-managed and maintained road network not only delivers a better driving experience to users, it’s also crucial to creating a safer environment for those who work on them,” he said.

“By utilising this technology across the Hume Region, the Victorian Government has the tools to manage the road network in a smart, safe and innovative way that also delivers significant productivity gains.

“Fully integrating this incredible technology into our Asset Vision Platform will continue to unlock even more operational and safety benefits for government and maintenance contractors.  Asset Vision is committed to making a difference by harnessing next generation technologies to help keep all road users safe,” said Mr Smith. 

To read more about the Victorian Government’s current use of Asset Vision’s software, see here.

Asset Vision is owned by ASX-listed Future First Technologies Limited (ASX:FFT), a publicly listed technology company based in Melbourne, effective November 2020.

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