The Australian Technology Network

Australian Technology Network

The Australian Technology Network (ATS) is an international network of five Australian national universities, with an historic past of innovation, entrepreneurship and developing close working relationships with industry. A tertiary education organisation, ATN traces its history to 1975 when its directors were made responsible for reviving the organization after it had been dormant for many years. It is now governed by the University of Sydney Generalist Institute (USGIG), University of Technology, University of Adelaide, Macquay University, Flinders University and Deakin University. The University of Sydney is Australia’s leading academic and research university. The other Australian members are the University of Technology, University of Adelaide, Macquay University, Monash University, Curtin University and La Trobe University.

The key partners of ATN include industry leaders such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Sales Force, Verizon, Quotient, KGA and Fujitsu. The members bring together their past experiences and current skills to bring together the best tech companies in the world to work together towards a common goal. The ultimate aim of this alliance is to enhance the teaching and research of the partner colleges and universities to bring cutting-edge innovations to the Australian market. This alliance has created great opportunities for researchers and students alike as mentioned in the Australian Technology Business News.

The ATN brings together these tech companies to create educational opportunities and perks for the members. The perks and benefits include: Online Learning – ATN has developed an online learning portal that allows staff members to connect and share ideas and issues with other professionals in their field. Staff can use the web based learning portal for assignments and coursework that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Online learning also allows staff to connect with one another in forums and other social media. In addition, participating in online classes and workshops helps staff become more engaged with each other and the company.

Parental Leave – ATN allows staff to take parental leave and access paid childcare. With the paternity and maternity leave packages available, working at home will be a welcomed change for those families with children. The Australian government offers high quality public childcare, along with affordable private childcare. With ATN’s Parental Leave package, small businesses will have access to a range of flexible parental leave options that fit each employee’s needs.

Digital Marketing – The ATN offers a number of digital marketing perks that compliment its education and training programs. The advertising network at ATN connects with media outlets, including print, television, radio and outdoor activities. This allows team members to gain exposure for new products, innovative information and digital marketing opportunities that will increase sales and customer contact.

Flexible Work Hours – The flexibility provided by ATN gives team members the chance to adjust their work hours according to their needs. Employees can set their own hours, when they choose to work from home. The cloud-based business allows team members to be able to get more done in less time, thus increasing productivity and profit. The cloud-based program also allows for flexible work hours, which saves both time and money. If an employee is planning on taking a few weeks off, they are free to do so, without having to worry about sacrificing their income or sacrificing family life.

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Secondary editor and executive officer at Tech Business News. Contracting as an IT support engineer for 20 years Matthew has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the technology industry.

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