Selling Backlinks Bad For Business

Selling Backlinks Is A Bad Business Model

Selling backlinks is a bad business model because you are essentially gambling with your traffic and your website’s ranking in the search engines. This is a bad way to make money online. People come to the Internet for information. If you’re selling to them, they’re going to Google everything you say and they might even turn off their computers, or don’t visit at all!

Is it possible to make real money online? Of course it is. You can make huge amounts of money through affiliate marketing, lead generation, AdSense, blogging, and other monetised web sites. The key is finding a business model that fits with your interests, abilities, and talents.

I started selling backlinks when I was just starting out in the Internet marketing game. I had no idea what I was doing, but my buddy told me that it wasn’t as hard as people make it sound. I thought that sounded a little shaky at first, but the more I learned, the more excited I got. There is a lot of hype about getting thousands of “customer” emails and making tons of money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is nothing that you can do on the Internet that will get those millions of dollars. You can’t sell a bunch of hot new weight loss pills to people who already want to lose weight. You can’t tell someone they should get out there and start living an active life. It just doesn’t work that way. But you can learn how to get massive amounts of targeted traffic and you can do that with article marketing.

Article marketing is a very good way to start getting traffic and building an opt-in list. If you are not familiar with the concept of landing pages, they are the pages that customers go to when they want to learn more about a product or service. You write articles pertaining to your niche and put them on blogs, article directories, and newsletters. You also give people a link to your landing page so that they can take the action you are asking of them. It’s a very simple business model, but it has a lot of benefits.

The first benefit is that you can make thousands of dollars per week if you only have one sale. People who have tens of thousands of backlinks are making six figure incomes per month. This is because you have to drive traffic to your website, and you have to get people to buy from you in order to get that traffic.

Another benefit is that you can learn how to build your backlinks from very high traffic websites. You can go on these websites and add links to your own website and make money. If you have the ability to get a backlink for every five hundred views that you have on a certain site, you will be making money. If you can do this consistently, you can really rack up quite a bit of money very quickly.

I don’t think that selling backlinks is a bad business model at all. In fact, I think that it is extremely easy and rewarding. You just have to know how to drive traffic to your website and give people something valuable to link to. Once you do that, you can earn a lot of money by selling backlinks on a regular basis. Just remember that you should never spam anyone and always give a quality backlink.

Now, you might think that I’m a little off, but I’m not. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t sell your links. The point I’m trying to make is that you need to pick your spots and work carefully. Don’t get caught up in the free traffic bidding war. Focus on getting your site noticed.

When you’re link building, focus on getting the most out of each link. Don’t just try to get a few backlinks out there. Make sure that you’re getting good quality backlinks and that they are relevant to your site. If you do this, people will notice you and come to visit your site. This in turn will result in more sales.

So, is selling backlinks a bad business model? Honestly, if you’re looking to make money online then it’s probably not. But, you have to be careful and know what you’re doing. It’s important to target relevant traffic to your website and you should aim to get quality backlinks. This will drive more traffic to your website and potentially lead to an increase in sales. So is selling backlinks a bad business model? I say yes absolutely.

Rather, you should focus on creating top quality content on your website. This will result in being rewarded by the major search engines. Lets say you create a killer article about the best camping idea’s and products, searching internet users are now landing on the article simply because the search engines ranked it for being both well structured and highly informative.

This is where the real opportunity comes from writing amazing content. All you simply do now is engage in a commissions based or affiliate program and then display the links within your article and instantly you could protentional start making thousands of dollars per week in sales from a single blog post!

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