Claire Knight

New Head to lead Shoal Defence and Space

Shoal Group announced today that aerospace and defence professional Claire Knight has joined the Shoal team to lead Shoal’s Defence and Space business.

Claire has over 25 years of global experience in demanding leadership and management positions in industry and government, including BAE, Raytheon, RAAF and RAF UK.

Claire succeeds former Défense and Space Chief Matthew Wylie, who takes over as lead of Shoal’s growing transportation and infrastructure business.

The nominations show Shoal’s continued commitment to the defence, space, transportation and infrastructure industries and investments in supporting systems thinking through model-based systems engineering practices.

“Claire and Matthew’s appointments are a testament to our culture of innovative leadership and engineering excellence,” said Shoal CEO Michael Waite.

“We invest in our people and our capabilities and continue to deliver innovation through our high-performance workforce.”

“With our expertise in defence, space, transportation and infrastructure, we have built a strong position among many government and industrial clients across a wide range of industries in Australia and New Zealand.”

As Head of Defence and Space, Claire’s leadership focus will be on management of strategy development and execution, project delivery, business, and people development.

“With Shoal’s sovereign capability and experience working with all levels of Defense and now the burgeoning space industry, I am thrilled to join Shoal as he continues to grow and collaborate with Australian primates and government agencies,” he said. Claire said.

Shoal’s new head of transportation and infrastructure, Matthew Wylie, has been with Shoal since 2015 leading complex capacity design projects and has supported organizations in developing their systems engineering capabilities. Prior to joining Shoal, Matthew worked in the automotive and electronics industries in Australia and Japan. “I look forward to using digital engineering practices to address the challenges of complex, capital-intensive projects and help build sustainable future transport capacity and infrastructure.”

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