Sony Looks To Enter The Electric Vehicles Market This Year

Sony Electric Car

Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony Corporation is planning to enter the electric vehicle market this spring as the company plans to leverage its entertainment and sensor expertise to play a greater role in next-generation mobility.

Chairman and President of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida speaking ahead of the CES technology trade fair in the United States told a news conference that the new company named Sony Mobility Inc was created as Sony ‘explores a commercial launch’ of electric vehicles.

Yoshida said, “with our imaging and sensing, cloud, 5G and entertainment technologies combined with our contents mastery, we believe Sony is well positioned as a creative entertainment company to redefine mobility.”

Sony, which once ruled the global consumer electronics market, has weakened in the past few years as the rise of Asian competitors such as South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co threatens its once dominant position in the electronics market.

Sony, which once dominated the global consumer electronics market, has weakened in recent years as the rise of Asian competitors such as South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co threatens its dominant position in the electronics market. in areas such as sensors critical to autonomous driving and hopes to build on that.

Sony remains one of the largest entertainment companies in the world and has prominent video game and movie franchises.

With audio and entertainment systems becoming more popular in the next generation of vehicles, this presents a great opportunity for the Japanese brand to position itself in the electric vehicle industry.

Following the company’s plans for electric vehicles, Sony stock jumped to 4.2 percent in Tokyo, which is a fairly flat Nikkei figure.

President Sony unveiled the prototype of the VISION-S 02 SUV, which uses the same electric vehicle platform as the previously announced VISION-S 01 coupe, which began testing on public roads in Europe from December 2020.

While the original concept had four seats, the SUV is a lot more practical by accommodating up to seven people. It essentially looks like a high-riding version of the sedan and has the following dimensions: 192.7 inches (4.9 meters) long, 76 inches (1.93 meters) wide, and 65 inches (1.65 meters) tall, with a generous wheelbase stretching at 119.3 inches (3.03 meters). It rides on 20-inch wheels and tips the scales at 5,467 pounds (2,480 kilograms).

According to Yoshida, the company views mobility as an “entertainment space” that allows passengers to choose individual entertainment options and use 5G internet connections.

Toyota Motor Corp also committed $ 70 billion in December last year to electrify its automobiles by 2030.

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