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LogicMonitor expands into Melbourne with the support of Invest Victoria

Cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and observability platform, LogicMonitor, is the latest US tech company to make the move down to Victoria as part of the state’s drive to expand its technology sector, and in response to the growing demand for LogicMonitor’s software platform across Australia.

Through its relationship with Invest Victoria’s US office, based in San Francisco, LogicMonitor opened its new Melbourne office with four founding team members – Peter Nicolopoulos, Enterprise Sales Lead; Timothy Kozak, Senior Sales Engineer; Marco Marinelli, Channel Sales Leader; and Karim Datoo, Account Executive.

LogicMonitor’s Victoria headcount is set to rapidly increase over the coming years as the US SaaS company takes full advantage of Victoria’s deep pool of technology talent.

With 30 Victorian-based customers already on the books, including Aussie giants such as Bupa Australia and REA Group, LogicMonitor has had a solid base in the state for some time, but until recently it has been servicing those customers from its Sydney office.

Over the past 12 months, LogicMonitor has grown its revenue in Australia by over 250% but has yet to scratch the surface of its addressable market. Investment into Victoria has driven immediate results with significant growth expected during the next five years. This is music to the ears of the Victorian Government whose flourishing ICT industry already generates over AUD$34 billion in revenue per year – employing nearly 100,000 people and exporting around AUD$2.5 billion annually.

This is echoed through the number of STEM post-graduates produced by Melbourne’s universities, and the training offered by existing tech companies in the State which is growing a technology workforce similar in size and strength as Singapore or Hong Kong*.

Through the work done by Invest Victoria, many global US tech firms such as LogicMonitor are seeing opportunities in the Garden State. Richard Gerdis, General Manager & Vice President, APAC at LogicMonitor, talks about its growth: “Over the past year, we have seen a spike in customer demand not only from commercial entities but also government organisations across Australia, and especially in Victoria. This is a testament to the superior cloud monitoring that LogicMonitor offers, as well as the fact that organisations are now understanding how critical complete visibility of their on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructure is.”

Gerdis continues: “Melbourne, as well as the whole of Victoria, is innovative and technology-forward and we’re very happy to bring LogicMonitor to a rising number of organisations here. We already have 30 customers in Victoria, and all signs point to this growing extremely quickly. We’re privileged to be part of the technology movement in the city, and we’re looking forward to contributing to its economic growth.”

Danni Jarrett, Acting CEO at Invest Victoria, added: “We would like to take this opportunity to welcome LogicMonitor into the technology sector of Victoria. It’s no secret that technology is the future, so it’s fantastic to have an innovative global company like LogicMonitor come to Melbourne. Not only are they bringing their services to Victorian businesses, they’re also bringing exciting highly-skilled job opportunities to Victorian workers.”

LogicMonitor allows its customers to consolidate their IT infrastructure monitoring requirements into a single SaaS cloud solution. It monitors more than 2,000 technologies, broadening the scope and reach of legacy monitoring capabilities while adding efficiency, accountability, and intelligence to its customers’ IT operations.

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