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Fake MOZ DA Metrics. A Problem For The SEO Industry And A Pot Of Gold For Scammers

Focusing on website authority metrics like DA is inaccurate, unreliable and a high chance of being fake. Domain Authority (DA)

18 Min Read

Paid Outreach Link Builders

Many people are sceptical of paid outreach link builders. While some of them may claim that they can generate more

13 Min Read

Is web traffic a ranking factor?

Google: Web Site Traffic Is Not A Ranking Factor Most SEO beginners and some advanced SEOs believe that website traffic

5 Min Read

5 Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Get More Leads on Social Media

Social media has changed the way of doing business and acquiring customers; gone are the days when telemarketers were employed

11 Min Read

4 Industries That Will Thrive With Future Development of Digital Marketing

While companies still use signage, print ads, and radio advertising, digital marketing makes it very easy for businesses of all

9 Min Read

Google Too Deindex Pages For Sites Down More Than Several Days

Google Search will start de-indexing your web pages if your site has been down for more than a couple of

3 Min Read

Link Building Strategies 2021

Link building is similar to obtaining social proof. When search engines look at your site, having authoritative, robust links that

22 Min Read

How SEO Can Transform Your Business

Almost 70% of online experiences begin through a search engine. The Internet has vastly changed how consumers interact with businesses,

6 Min Read

Instagram Posts for Business: Tips on Crafting an Engaging Instagram Post

If you are a business owner, there is no doubt that Instagram has become one of the most powerful social

4 Min Read

Digital Marketing And SEO Is Dead. Here Is Why

Over the next few years, everything we know about marketing and advertising will be called into question. New technologies, changes

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