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New Relic Expands Remit of Jason Leonidas to Vice President of South Pacific

Veteran enterprise and IT sales leader Jason Leonidas will propel New Relic ANZ and ASEAN regions forward into greater observability

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Ascom Australia Announces Roberto Lozada As New Country Manager  

Ascom Australia, a leading provider of healthcare information and communication technology solutions has announced the appointment of Roberto Lozada as

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Neo-Bionica Appoints Uli Gommel As Chief Technology Officer

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Neo-Bionica, a leading innovator in the field of medical device development and manufacturing, is thrilled to

4 Min Read

Vocus Calls To Establish New Submarine Cable Protection Zones In Australia

Vocus calls for new submarine cable protection zones, to reflect the burgeoning deployment of cables away from the existing zones

3 Min Read

Telstra Purple Welcomes Luke Barker to Lead New Security Practice

Telstra Purple has announced Luke Barker as the lead of its new Security Practice where he will be responsible for

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Fujitsu Accelerates Its Commitment To Open Source Innovation With New Projects Including AI Fairness

Fujitsu and the Linux Foundation launch Fujitsu's automated machine learning and AI fairness technologies as Linux Foundation hosted open source

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Aussies Love Advanced Driving Features, Though Less Sure About Autonomous Driving

Savvy’s survey examines attitudes of Australians to autonomous driving and AI assisted hi-tech driving features in new car models.

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Federal Government Won’t Push Adult Websites To Enforce Age Verification

Australia's federal government will not force adult websites to bring in age verification following concerns about privacy and the lack

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Australia to Shut Down 3G Network Over the Next Year, Paving the Way For 5G Technology

The shutdown of Australia's 3G networks will occur gradually, commencing this December. Vodafone will be the first Australian Telco to

17 Min Read

SEC’s Decision Delay Spurs Speculation as Bitcoin Holds Ground at $25,000

Analysts have widely predicted the SEC would defer its verdict on the Bitcoin ETF application. Despite the delay, experts maintain

3 Min Read

US Marine Boeing V-22 Osprey Aircraft Crashed On Australia’s Melville Island During A Training Exercise

According to U.S. Marine Corps at least three Marines have died and five have been critically injured when their Bell

9 Min Read

International Astronaut Team Sets The Stage For The Highly Anticipated SpaceX Crew-7

The arrival of the international astronaut team sets the stage for the highly anticipated SpaceX Crew-7 mission. This mission is

10 Min Read

Thousands Of Australian Charity Doners Private Information Leaked On The Dark Web

In an incident that has sent shockwaves through Australia's charitable sector, thousands (approximately 1,700 ) donors' personal information has been

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National Skills Week 2023 Aims To Raise The status of Practical & Vocational Qualifications And Training

National Skills Week runs from 21–27 August 2023. It's an annual week of activities that celebrates and promotes vocational education

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Workplace Utilisation Index Report Showed Office Occupancy Rates Stalled At 30% In Q2

Latest XY Sense Workplace Utilisation Data: Despite Global Back-to-Office Mandates, Global Workplace Utilisation Was Flat in Q2. The report showed

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